The North American Paul Tillich Society

The North American Paul Tillich Society is dedicated to the study of the thought of Paul Tillich (1886-1965) and the application of his works to other areas of human knowledge.

Addendum to the Fall 2016 Bulletin November 7, 2016

The original version of the Fall 2016 Bulletin inadvertantly omitted the session on Monday morning, November 21, of the “Tillich: Issues in Theology, Religion, and Culture” group. The information for this session is included below.

An amended PDF version of the Bulletin can be found here.

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Tillich: Issues in Theology, Religion, and Culture Group
Theme: Paul Tillich’s Philosophical Theology on the Resurgence of Religious Extremism
Eric Weed, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Presiding

Paul Tillich’s philosophical theology grappled with the existential norms and extremes of the human condition, understanding how we can become fragmented both as individuals and as societies when we are pulled apart by the poles of our relatedness. How might Tillich’s corpus provide entryways to interrogate the dimensions of violent religious extremism, especially with regard to the origins, recruitment, construction of new religious narratives, establishment of community, and apocalyptic vision that has been demonstrated by global events of the past decade?

  • Monday, 9:00 AM–11:30 AM
    Room: Convention Center-216 (2nd level - West)

  • Daniel Miller, Landmark College
    Heteronomy, Theonomy, and Finitude: Active Nihilism and Religious Radicalism
  • Kirk MacGregor, McPherson College
    Applying Tillich’s Creative and Transformative Justice to the Problems of Middle Eastern Violence
  • Mary Ann Stenger, University of Louisville
    The Promise and Challenge of Tillich's Idea of Transforming Justice
  • Stephen Butler Murray, Ecumenical Theological Seminary
    A Tillichian Approach to Religious Extremism

  • Business Meeting:
    Devan Stahl, Michigan State University
    Stephen G. Ray, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Highlights of the Fall 2016 Bulletin October 28, 2016

  • • Annual Meeting of the North American Paul Tillich Society in San Antonio: Program and Banquet Information
  • • The American Academy of Religion Group—Tillich: Issues in Theology, Religion, and Culture
  • • Call for Papers: International Congress of APTEF, NAPTS, and the DPTG
  • • “Remembering Guyton B. Hammond (1930–2016)” by Mary Ann Stenger
  • • “Tillich and the ‘Personal’ God” by A. Durwood Foster
  • • “Constructing a Political Theology on Tillich’s Theology of Culture” by Ted Peters
  • • “Luther and the Reformation in Tillich’s Understanding” by Derek R. Nelson
  • • “Faithful Expectation: Hommage à Paul Tillich” by Fred Dallmayr

Highlights of the Summer 2016 Bulletin August 18, 2016

  • • Annual Dues Now DUE with the Summer Issue
    Download the 2016 Dues Notice
  • • Call for Proposals for the 2017 Tillich Jahrbuch
  • • Call for Papers: International Congress of APTEF, NAPTS, and the DPTG
  • • “Memorial Address: A Tribute to Paulus Johannes Tillich” by Stephen Butler Murray
  • • “Embodying Ultimate Concern” by David Nikkel
  • • “Cyborg Bodies as the Subject of Ultimate Concern” by Adam Pryor
  • • “Clashes of Justice in Finding Life: Justice in General and the Expressive Creative Justice in Modern Cinema” by Jari Ristiniemi
  • • “Grounds of Being Becoming: The Possibility of a Tillichian-Inspired Process Theology as Displayed by Underground Rap” by Jon Ivan Gill
  • • “Tracing a Lutheran Trajectory: Tillich as ‘the Twentieth-Century Martensen’” by Curtis L. Thompson

Tillich Jahrbuch - July 31 deadline for proposals June 29, 2016

In the first volume of his Systematic Theology, Tillich describes his method of correlation as “a way of uniting message and situation.” He expresses a hope that both theologians and nontheological thinkers after him will find that this method helped them “understand the Christian message as the answer to the questions implied in their own and in every human situation.” (p. 8) Scholarly focus on this method in the next Tillich Jahrbuch can include 1) discussion of to what extent earlier Tillich writings incorporated this method 2) to what extent he truly follows it in his own writings, 3) assessing the influence and incorporation of this method by contemporary thinkers, and 4) evaluating its effectiveness for addressing religious issues today.

Proposals (1–2 pages double-spaced) should be sent to Mary Ann Stenger at or by July 31, 2016.

Highlights of the Spring 2016 Bulletin May 30, 2016

  • • “Mutie Farris: February 17, 1926–March 26, 2016” by Ted Farris
  • • “Mutie Farris: February 17, 1926–March 26, 2016” by Rene Tillich
  • • “Remembering Dr. Erdmuthe (Mutie) Tillich Farris” by Mary Ann Stenger
  • • “On the Late Departed Mutie Tillich Farris” by Tom F. Driver
  • • “Memories of Erdmuthe Tillich Farris” by Marion Hausner Pauck
  • • “Erdmuthe Christiane Tillich Farris (1926–2016)” by Ronald Stone
  • • “My Memories of Mutie Tillich Farris” by Frederick J. Parrella
  • • “Reminiscences of Dr. Erdmuthe (Mutie) Tillich Farris” by David W. Odell-Scott and Robert Giannini
  • • In Memoriam: Guyton B. Hammond, Nov. 7, 1930–May 1, 2016
  • • New Publications on Tillich or by Tillich Scholars
  • • Call for proposals for the 2017 Tillich Jahrbuch
  • • New Harmony Celebration of Tillich’s 50th Anniversary of the Interment of Paul Johannes Tillich in Paul Tillich Park, New Harmony, Indiana
  • • “The Disappearance of God in Paul Tillich’s The Courage to Be” by Ted Farris
  • • “Tillich’s ‘Religion of the Concrete Spirit’ as a Base for Feminist Theology” by Mary Ann Stenger
  • • “On Giant Shoulders: Teaching through Paul Tillich’s Legacy of Being a Theologian Doing Social Work” by William G. Ressl
  • • “Paul Tillich’s Legacy in Psychology and Pastoral Psychotherapy” by Pamela Cooper-White
  • • “Response to the Panel on the Legacy of Tillich’s Theology” by Mary Ann Stenger
  • • “Desirous Transformations: Writing Theologically/ Theological Writing with Paul Tillich” by Hannah L. Hofheinz
  • • “God is in the Details: Reading Mies van der Rohe’s Modern Architecture through Tillich’s Theology of Culture and Technology” by Mike Grimshaw

Guy Hammond May 5, 2016

From Fred Parrella: “I am saddened to announce the passing of Guy Hammond a few days ago. Tillich studies and the Tillich Society has lost an outstanding scholar and a wonderful friend.”

Paul Tillich Park April 18, 2016

Please see the attached information about the rededication of Paul Tillich Park in New Harmony, Indiana, May 14 2016. Society members who live nearby may wish to attend.

Details here.

Mutie Tillich Farris, R.I.P. April 8, 2016

The Society is saddened to note the passing of Dr. Erdmuthe (Mutie) Tillich Farris on Saturday, March 27, 2016. The spring issue of the Bulletin will contain some reminiscences about her life.

The Society extends its deepest sympathies to Ted Farris, Mutie's son, and Rene Tillich, her brother.

Highlights of the Winter 2016 Bulletin March 4, 2016

  • • The 2015 Annual Meeting of the North American Paul Tillich Society in Atlanta and the New Officers of the Society
  • • Call for Papers for the November 2016 Meeting of the North American Paul Tillich Society, San Antonio, Texas
  • • Call for Papers for the 2016 Meeting of the American Academy of Religion Group “Tillich: Issues in Theology, Religion, and Culture,” San Antonio, Texas
  • • New Publications
  • • Letter to the Editor
  • • Letter from Etienne A. Higuet of the Brazilian Paul Tillich Society
  • • “Did Tillich Give Us a Theology of the Historical Jesus When He Made ‘Essentialization’ Explicit in Volume Three?” by Robison James
  • • “The Disappearance of God in Paul Tillich's The Courage to Be” by Ted Farris
  • • “God and Being in Tillich” by A. Durwood Foster
  • • “The Future of the Protestant Era” by Thomas G. Bandy
  • • “Tillich and Transhumansim” by Devan Stahl

Call for Papers February 19, 2016

For the 2016 North American Paul Tillich Society meeting we seek papers or panel proposals related to any of the following topics:

  • A Tale of Two Pauls
  • Tillich and Political Theology
  • Interreligious Dialogue

See details here

New Officers November 30, 2015

The NAPTS is pleased to announce the election of new officers for the 2015–2018 academic year:

  • Vice President: Devan Stahl, Michigan State University
  • Board of Directors, 2015–2018
    • Jawanza Clark, Manhattan College
    • Jari Ristiniemi, University of Gavle
    • Johanne Stebbe Teglbaerg Kristensen, University of Copenhagen

  • Continuing Officers:
  • President: Bryan Wagoner, Davis and Elkins College
  • President Elect: Adam Pryor, Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas
  • Secretary Treasurer: Frederick J. Parrella, Santa Clara University
  • Past President: Charles Fox, SUNY/Empire State College, Emeritus

  • Continuing Board of Directors:
  • Term Expiring 2016
    • Christopher Rodkey, Penn State University, York
    • Zachary Royal, Garrett Theological Seminary
    • M. Lon Weaver, Marshall College Preparatory, Duluth
  • Term Expiring 2017
    • Rachel Sophia Baard, Villanova University
    • Verna Ehret, Mercyhurst University
    • Lawrence Whitney, Boston University

The NAPTS sincerely thanks the following officers who have served the Society and whose terms are completed:

  • Past President: Duane Olson, McKendree University, Lebanon, Illinois
  • Board Members, 2012–2015:
    • Tom Bandy,
    • Adam Pryor, Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas
    • Devan Stahl, Michigan State University

Highlights of the Fall 2015 Bulletin

  • • NAPTS Annual Meeting, 20–21 November 2015: Program and Information
  • • AAR Group: “Tillich: Religion, Theology and Culture” Annual Meeting, 21–23 November 2015, including “Tillich’s Theological Legacies—Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Tillich’s Death”
  • • Architecture, Culture and Spirituality Symposium, New Harmony, Indiana
  • • Paul Tillich (1886–1965), “Philosophy, Mystery, Love”
    Symposium: Theology and Religious Studies, University of Glasgow
  • • “To Be On Your Own: Paul Tillich im Exil.”
    Internationaler Kongress der DPTG e.V. anlässlich des 50. Todestages von Paul Tillich
    (Theologische Fakultät de Humboldt Universatät zu Berlin, 22–25 Oktober 2015)
  • • Celebration of Tillich’s Interment, New Harmony, Indiana
  • • New Publications on Tillich
  • • Correlatio (Portuegese)
  • • Owen C. Thomas, R. I. P.
  • • Duane Olson, “Tillich and John Muir’s Wildness Mysticism”
  • • Frederick J. Parrella, “Does Life Imitate Art or Art Life? The Ambiguities in Paul Tillich’s Theology and in His Personal Life”