The North American Paul Tillich Society

The North American Paul Tillich Society is dedicated to the study of the thought of Paul Tillich (1886-1965) and the application of his works to other areas of human knowledge.

The 2013 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the North American Paul Tillich Society took place in Baltimore, Maryland, November 22nd and 23rd, 2013. The meeting was held in conjunction with the American Academy of Religion, November 23rd to 26th.

The 2014 Annual Meeting will be held in San Diego, California.

2014 Events of Interest

Highlights of the latest Bulletin

  • • Note from the Editor
  • • Call for Papers for the 2015 Jahrbuch
  • • New Publications
  • • “Inexhaustible Depth: The Role of the Nothing in Paul Tillich’s Systematic Theology” by Richard Grigg
  • • “Intimacy through Self-Loss: Intersections in the Paradoxical Soteriologies of Paul Tillich and Sebastian Moore” by Alexander T. Blondeau
  • • “Tillich’s Systematic Theology as a Template for the Encounter of Christian Theology and Religious Naturalism” by Wesley J. Wildman
  • • “Cultural Transformation as Ultimate Concern: Tillich’s Theological Project of Cultural Embeddedness in Conversation with the Black Liberation Theology of James Cone” by Zachary W. Royal
  • • “The Irrelevance and Relevance of the Radical, Impure Tillich” by Michael Grinshaw