About the Society

The North American Paul Tillich Society is dedicated to the study of the thought of Paul Tillich (1886-1965) and the application of his works to other areas of human knowledge. The Society fosters scholarship and scholarly exchanges that analyze, criticize, and interpret the impact of Paul Tillich's ideas. It seeks to employ and adapt his thought to deal with contemporary issues in theology, religion, ethics, and the political, social, psychological, scientific, and artistic spheres of culture.

The North American Paul Tillich Society is linked to the German and French-speaking societies as well as Tillich societies in other nations. It publishes a quarterly bulletin that contains papers delivered at its annual meeting and at the "Tillich: Issues in Theology, Religion, and Culture" session at the American Academy of Religion.


  • President
    Adam Pryor, Bethany College, Lindsborg,Kansas
  • President Elect
    Devan Stahl, School of Human Medicine, Michigan State University
  • Vice President
    Verna Ehret, Mercyhurst Uiversity
  • Secretary Treasurer
    Frederick Parella, Santa Clara University
  • Past President
    Bryan Wagoner, Davis and Elkins College
  • Board of Directors
    Term Expiring 2017
    Rachel Sophia Baard, Villanova University
    Hannah Hofheinz, Ecumenical Theological Seminary
    Lawrence Whitney, Boston University
    Term Expiring 2018
    Jawanza Clark, Manhattan College
    Jari Ristiniemi, University of Gavle
    Johanne Stebbe Teglbaerg Kristensen, University of Copenhagen
    Term Expiring 2019
    Ted Farris, New York City
    Charles Fox, SUNY Empire State College
    Ron Stone, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

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