Meetings of the North American Paul Tillich Society

The 2014 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the North American Paul Tillich Society will take place in San Diego, California on Friday, November 21st and Saturday, November 22nd, 2014. The meeting will be held in conjunction with the AAR & SBL Annual Meetings, November 22–25, 2014.

If you are attending the meeting, please bring the Bulletin with you for the Program and Banquet information. Time and room assignments are subject to change, final time and room assignments are available in the onsite Annual Meeting Program Book. You may also consult this program at the AAR website.

The 2014 NAPTS Program

Friday, November 21, 2014
9:00 AM–11:30 AM
Room: Omni—Gaslamp 5
North American Paul Tillich Society
Theme: Tillich and Contemporary Research Interests


  • Bryan Magoner, Davis and Elkins College
  • Duane Olson, McKendree College
    Tillich and John Muir’s Wildness Mysticism
  • Rachel Sophia Baard, Villanova University
    Tillich’s Method of Correlation: Its Continuing Relevance
  • Russell Re manning, University of Aberdeen
    Tillich, Sex, and Ambiguity: Reflections on MacKinnon’s Reflections on Tillich

Friday, November 21, 2014
1:00 PM–3:30 PM
Room: Omni—Gaslamp 5
North American Paul Tillich Society
Theme: Tillich’s Systematic Theology Fifty Years Later


  • Echol Nix, Furman University
  • Rob James, University of Richmond, Emeritus
    How Tillich’s Theological Method of the 1920’s Clarifies What He is Doing in the ST
  • Durwood Foster, Pacific School of Religion, Emeritus
    Tillich’s Unsteady Affair with the Notion of Being–Itself
  • Peter Slater, Trinity College, University of Toronto
    Tillich on the Ambiguity of Religion, Spiritual Presence, and the Fragmented Realism of the Kingdom of God in History
  • Marc Dumas, University of Sherbrooke
    The Problem of Existence: The Structure of Alienationand Overcoming it through Jesus as the Christ

Friday, November 21, 2014
4:00 PM–6:30 PM
Room: Omni—Gaslamp 5
North American Paul Tillich Society
Theme: A Review of “Politics and Faith: Niebuhr and Tillich at Union Seminary in New York” by Ron Stone


  • Duane Olson, McKendree College
  • Panel of Reviewers:
    Kevin Carnahan, Central Methodist University, and President of the Niebuhr Society
    Robin Lovin, Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton
    Jonathan Rothchild, Loyola Marymount University
    Marion Pauck, co-author of “Paul Tillich: His Life and Thought”
  • Ron Stone,Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Emeritus

Friday, November 21, 2014 7:00 PM
North American Paul Tillich Society
Annual Banquet
Place: Seasons 52, 789 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA
Speaker: Peter Slater, Fellow of Trinity College, Toronto
Professor Emeritus of Theology in the Faculty of Divinity

  • Menu
    Salad of Organic Field Greens
    Three Types of Flatbread
         Maple-Glazed All-Natural Roasted Half Chicken
         Cedar Plank Salmon
         Seasonal Vegetarian Tasting
    Mini-Indulgent Dessert Flight
  • Cost $65.00
  • For banquet reservations: contact Fred Parella, Secretary Treasurer, NAPTS
    • Phone: (408)554-4714
    • Text: (408)674-3108
    • Email:

Saturday, November 22, 2014
7:00 AM–8:45 AM
Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of NAPTS
Location to be announced at the Friday sessions and at the annual banquet

Saturday, November 22, 2014
9:00 AM–11:30 AM
Room: Hilton Bayfront—Sapphire H
North American Paul Tillich Society
Theme: The Philosophical Roots of Tillich’s Thought


  • Christian Danz, University of Vienna
    Autonomy and Freedom: Tillich’s Reception of the Thought of Fichte
  • Marc Boss, Institute Protestant de Théologie, Montpelier and Paris
    The Religion of Kant Reinvented by Fichte, Schelling, and Tillich

The 2014 AAR Program
Tillich: Issues in Theology, Religion and Culture

Saturday, November 22, 2014
4:00 PM–6:30 PM
Room: Convention Center—30C
Tillich: Issues in Theology, Religion, and Culture Group
Theme: Explorations of Contextual Theology


  • Sharon Peebles Burch, Interfaith Counseling Center
  • Victor Ezigbo, Bethel University
    Paul Tillich, Method of Correlation, and Contextual Theology: Construing “Human Context” as an Indispensable Source of Theology
  • Stephen Butler Murray, Ecumenical Theological Seminary
    Alienation, Liberation, Survival: Paul Tillich’s Theological Anthropology as Source for Black and Womanist Theologies
  • Jamall Calloway, Union Theological Seminary
    The Ontological Fire of Tillich and Baldwin
  • Bryan Wagoner, Davis and Elkins College
    Theonomy and Religious Socialism

Tillich Group Business Meeting (immediately following)
Sharon Peebles Burch, Interfaith Counseling Center

Sunday, November 23, 2014
9:00 AM–11:30 AM
Tillich: Issues in Theology, Religion, and Culture Group
Room: Convention Center—29A
Theme: A Contribution to Political and Cultural Theology? Paul Tillich’s Method of Correlation


  • Frederick J. Parrella, Santa Clara University
  • Marin de Jong, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
    Ulrich Schmiedel, University of Oxford
    Compromised Correlations:Experience and the Concept of Correlation Today
  • Daniel Miller, Landmark College
    Democracy and Deicide: Paul Tillich's Principle of Correlationas a resourcefor Political Theology
  • Eric Weed, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
    The Demonry of Christianity: Tillich's Concept of the Demonic and the Deconstruction of Religious Racism
  • Christophe D. Ringer, Christian Brothers University
    Paul Tillich, Charles Long, and the Religious Situation in America